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Explore the pricing journey at Scalp Styles, where transparency is our guiding principle. Our Pricing Guide offers a comprehensive breakdown, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your Scalp Micropigmentation transformation. At Scalp Styles, we take pride in delivering not just exceptional results but also transparency in every aspect of your experience. Dive into our pricing blueprint, where your path to confidence begins with clarity.

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Empowering You with Knowledge

Delve into our comprehensive resources, including our Pricing Guide for transparent insights, SMP Aftercare tips for optimal results, and understanding the 7 Stages of Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). At Scalp Styles, we believe informed choices lead to confident transformations.

smp pricing guide

Pricing Guide

Navigate your transformation journey with clarity by exploring our detailed Pricing Guide, ensuring transparency and confidence in every step of your SMP experience.

Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare Tips

SMP Aftercare

Elevate the longevity and vibrancy of your scalp micropigmentation results with our expert SMP Aftercare tips, designed to optimize healing and maintain the impeccable look you desire.

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7 Stages of MPB

Gain a deeper understanding of Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) with our insightful guide through the 7 stages, empowering you to make informed decisions about your personalized scalp micropigmentation transformation.

Carl Lawson

Carl Lawson

Meet Carl Lawson, the visionary behind Scalp Styles UK, a premier Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) clinic based in the vibrant city of Liverpool and the serene Wirral. With a personal journey that mirrors the struggles faced by many, Carl embarked on a mission to change lives.

In his mid-20s, Carl witnessed the unwelcome arrival of male pattern baldness, which affected his self-esteem profoundly. Constantly concealing his thinning hairline and receding crown, he searched tirelessly for permanent solutions. Frustrated by the uncertainty surrounding hair transplants and the potential scarring, Carl's quest led him to the game-changer—Scalp Micropigmentation.

In late 2020, Carl experienced the transformational power of SMP firsthand. The remarkable results not only restored his hair but also his self-assuredness. Inspired by this newfound confidence, he decided to become an SMP artist. Fast forward to 2022, Carl has honed his skills with leading SMP clinics in the UK and completed an advanced training course, learning from the best in the world.

Today, Carl is dedicated to helping men and women facing hair loss challenges. If you're contemplating Scalp Micropigmentation or have questions about your hair loss journey, Carl is always ready to share his personal experience and expertise. Connect with him at Scalp Styles UK and take the first step towards regaining your confidence.

Discover Your SMP Transformation: Tailored Solutions for Men and Women

Explore the transformative possibilities of Scalp Micropigmentation designed exclusively for men and women. Whether you’re seeking to redefine your masculine allure or enhance your natural beauty, our SMP services cater to your unique needs. Dive into a world of confidence and renewed self-esteem with SMP tailored just for you.