7 Stages of pattern balding

Navigating the Stages of Hair Loss

Balding is a natural aspect of the aging process that affects both men and women, and at Scalp Styles, we recognize the unique journeys each gender experiences. We embrace the evolution of hair loss, understanding that it is a part of life. Our comprehensive approach involves describing and demystifying each stage separately for men and women. By acknowledging and providing insights into this natural progression, we empower individuals to make informed decisions about their hair care, whether embracing change or exploring personalized restoration options.

Male pattern balding

Progressing from subtle recession to advanced crown balding, Scalp Styles navigates men through the nuanced 7 stages of pattern balding, offering insights for informed decisions and personalized solutions.

Stage 1 (Normal)

Normal hair growth with no signs of hair loss.

Stage 1

Slight recession of the hairline, often considered normal aging.

Stage 2

Noticeable hairline recession, forming a more distinct “M” shape.

Stage 3

Further hairline recession, creating a larger “M” shape. Thinning on the crown becomes evident.

Stage 4

Hair loss at the crown becomes more pronounced. The “M” shape remains.

Stage 5

Increased balding at the crown, with the “M” shape more apparent.

Stage 6

Severe balding with only a band of hair remaining around the sides and back.

Stage 7

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female pattern balding

Guiding women through the stages from minimal thinning to advanced hair loss, Scalp Styles provides comprehensive insights into the 7 stages of pattern balding, empowering confident navigation and informed choices.

Stage 1 (Normal)

Normal hair growth with no signs of hair loss.

Minimal thinning at the part, often not easily noticeable.

Wider part with more noticeable thinning, especially on the top.

Significant thinning, potentially affecting overall volume.

More extensive hair loss, visible gaps, and reduced volume.

Severe hair loss with larger bald areas and limited coverage.

Extensive hair loss with limited coverage, similar to men’s Stage 7.

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