Scalp Micropigmentation Guide

How long does it take for SMP to heal?

Are you considering Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) but wondering how long it takes to heal?

Let’s dive into the details of SMP’s healing process, providing you with a comprehensive overview from the immediate aftermath to long-term results.

Understanding the Healing Journey: SMP to Heal

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Right after your SMP session, expect some redness, irritation, and perhaps a bit of swelling.

Don’t worry; it’s all part of the process. Think of it as the starting point for your scalp’s healing journey.

As you transition from the immediate post-procedure stage, you’ll enter the initial healing phase, typically lasting one to two weeks.

During this period, your scalp may form scabs. It’s crucial to handle it gently and avoid anything that could disrupt the healing process.

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Moving forward, you’ll enter the subsequent weeks, where those scabs will naturally start to flake off, revealing your newly pigmented scalp.

You might notice some shifts in pigment color during this time, but fret not; it’s all part of the process.

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Around this time, you’ll reach the complete healing stage, typically between the fourth and sixth weeks post-procedure.

Your scalp should be fully healed, and you’ll start seeing the SMP results more clearly, with any lingering redness or inflammation calming down.

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Lastly, let’s talk about the long-term healing journey, where your scalp continues adjusting to the SMP treatment, and the pigment settles in.

It’s essential to follow those SMP aftercare instructions diligently to achieve the best, lasting results.


Remember, individual experiences may vary, so don’t be alarmed if your healing process doesn’t follow this timeline precisely. If you have any concerns or experience any unusual symptoms during your SMP healing journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to your SMP practitioner for guidance and support.

In conclusion, while SMP healing takes time, the results are worth the wait. With proper care and patience, you’ll soon enjoy a revitalized appearance and newfound confidence.

Carl Lawson

Carl Lawson

Carl Lawson, founder of Scalp Styles UK, is a seasoned SMP expert based in Wirral, Merseyside. His journey into the world of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) began when he experienced hair loss in his mid-20s. Frustrated with conventional solutions, Carl embarked on extensive research, ultimately discovering the life-changing potential of SMP.

After undergoing the procedure himself in 2020, Carl was inspired to become an SMP artist. Since then, he has honed his skills through training with leading SMP clinics in the UK and completing advanced courses. With a passion for helping others regain their confidence, Carl is dedicated to providing personalized SMP solutions tailored to individual needs. Contact Carl today for expert advice and insights into SMP.

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